The Shiningami's worst Nightmare (Death Note)

The Shiningami's worst Nightmare (Death Note)

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H By HaLoFo Updated Feb 25, 2017

Shinigami's are sometimes referred to by their literal translation, "god(s) of death" and are a race of extra-dimensional beings who survive by killing humans to extend their own lives. 

But what many don't know is that these "gods of death" aren't all that invincible. Sure, they can kill humans prematurely to extend their own life, but they fear death itself when their mortal enemies are hunting them down from right under their noses.

These 'enemies' are pretty much unrecognisable in their human forms as they play the part of a human being exceptionally well, making the gods of death fear a time when these creatures strike them down without warning.

One such creature is Perrin or 'P' for short and she is one of the greatest detectives the world has ever known, or will ever know.

She literally appeared out of nowhere, or as she liked to say "you think I fell from heaven like some kind of angel? For all you know, I could've crawled up from the depths of hell." She was only six years old and due her superior intellect she was transferred to Wammy's House, a training facility for especially gifted children.

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