1 Mistake  =  5 Stories

1 Mistake = 5 Stories

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Marissa Davis By Raelyn_Crossaviour Completed

"Are you insane ? Have you completely lost it?"  Jason was horrified  by the  mere fact.

"It really  doesn't matter Jason."  He shook him off.

"Doesn't matter?" Ashton asked,

"Are you fucking  crazy?"

"It seriously doesn't matter  I'm fine with marrying her," He was  persistent.

"Dude  look," I said  diverting everyone's attention to myself.

"If you're a Pomegranate , you shouldn't chase a mango, you should  look for an apple." I advised.

"Exactly!" Ashton joined in with me  as Jason rolled his eyes, begging whichever force watching them would either pick him up or them.

As  funny as it sounds  This story is wholeheartedly dedicated to all nutcases out there who are chasing after the  wrong person take my advice, if you're a Pomegranate,chase an Apple, not  a Mango.


This story will be having a lot  of Grammatical mistakes considering the  main  fact that it was written like last year January,  I wanted just  to piss the readers by saying there wouldn't be a Sequel for  "4 Retards 1 Genius" , What ? you can't blame me  if I dearly like  irritating people God -alone knows what the world would have done  if I wasn't there to irritate it.

(P.S- My most favorite line  of all stories,
This story would be having a lot of Grammatical mistakes, proceed at your own risk)


                              Who the hell are 'the angel' and 'the devil? 
                              Why were they in Chris' s house? And who's Chris?
                              CHOCOLATES ARE HEAVENLY!!!!
                              HOW COULD YOU WASTE MONEY WHEN BUYING CHOCOLATE?!!!
                              WHOS WITH MEH!!!!!
                              And i will personaly torture you down there for using Chris!
                              Thats just so messed up bro!
                              So messed up😢😭
Aww, poor brain,poor heart!
                              Let me put you out of your missery yeah?
                              I have a knife and a gun,
                              Which one sweety?
Caspase Caspase Jul 06, 2016
Well, I guess your're talking about me, arent you ? :') 
                              Just kidding :)