What's Going On? || jeongcheol

What's Going On? || jeongcheol

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In which members suspect the oldest hyung and the second oldest. Which are. . . Obviously. . . In a. . . 
"I saw Coups hyung and Jeonghan hyung doing something. What do you call that?"
-Lee Chan

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errrr... why do i hav a feeling that they're gonna engage in "intense wrestling"? n that's a "recording room" y'all... XD (i know i'm helpless, i know)
*pulls on eomma straight face* *insert jelly Hannie's voice* *2 Coupie* we're gonna hav 2 talk bout this...
Yoongay02 Yoongay02 Aug 16
I don't know if I never realized our if it is just this pic, but Seungcheol's ears look flat, like there's no ridges... He special 😙
poor bby... someone needs 2 protect this poor smol bean~ #maknaeprotectionsquad
He tripped over a imaginary rock y'all. The rock feels triggered
Igot7_crybaby Igot7_crybaby Oct 07, 2016
I pray there's no sinning going on behind those doors IT BETTER BE CHESS