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It all started with this lonely girl of difference. Everything had always been in a monochrome hue in exception to her. The day she was cast out by her only family from being so different, she was sent away as a low servant in the palace. As being the only person with such a white hair and eyes that are in a shade of a blue, she is mistreated, but it all changes when the day of her 19th birthday strikes.

≪Reverse Harem≫

≪Rewritten in the future≫

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Curled in "discust(? -better word choice) as (remove she heard. It's implied) her so- called daughter called her mother with such a soft (no real need for and) velvety tone. (Rearanging words to flow better) The voice only ignited her ire more.
Her floral white hair "was" in such a tangled mess "from" being blown in the cold breeze.
She stopped(,) balling her hands into fists. (Rearranging) She huffed, turned around without a word, and shut the door behind her, done wasting energy on such a worthless child.
ReallyRUmadBru ReallyRUmadBru Jul 08, 2017
I started reading this and then closed out of my app thinking it was already in my library so I could finish it later. Spoiler it wasn't and I just spent like a week searching high and low for it. I'm so happy I found it!!!
sinking_swimmer sinking_swimmer Sep 04, 2016
I think Claire is really beautiful because having white hair and Celeste eyes is really amazing *_*