Break Her Heart

Break Her Heart

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prankadoodle By prankadoodle Updated Oct 22, 2017

She had been the school's heartbreaker. Boys, and even girls, have been drooling around her as always. Everyone wanted to be in a relationship with Perrie Edwards, the oh-so-called-heartbreaker. 

Except for one person, Jade Thirlwall. She had been the school's bookworm for ages and she hates her. Really, really hates her. 

But what if her bestfriend would be one of the exes of the so-called-heartbreaker? Should she hate her even more? And would she risk her 'single life' just to avenge her bestfriend? 

And would the school bookworm fall inlove with the heartbreaker?

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StandingBi StandingBi Aug 02, 2016
So far it sort of reminds me of the plot from John Tucker Must Die