Miraculous Ladybug Texts {HIATUS}

Miraculous Ladybug Texts {HIATUS}

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Maui Potter-Ackerman By JustRiddikulus Updated Sep 02, 2017

In this book you can read the random,weird,funny and cringey conversations of Marinette, Alya, Adrien, Nino, Chloe, Sabrina and Hawkmoth! 

I obviously don't own Miraculous Ladybug, but how awesome  would that be?

>>Slow updates (7/27/17)

If you were curious to know who made the cover of this book it was @Minterella, so go check her out!

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I hope you enjoy the book! Bye!


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xxSummerDesireexx xxSummerDesireexx Dec 05, 2017
lol Everything's hilarious and fantastic 😂😂😂😉😉😉
SakuraChan96 SakuraChan96 Jul 19, 2017
How did they know it was Mari and Adrien?? But great chapter this was!!!
Kitten_ChatBug: ... Hawky... u know u want to see ChatBug to happen.
Confused_Unicorn567 Confused_Unicorn567 Sep 15, 2017
Adrien: "Hello darkness my old friend..."
                              Me: Lmao "WHY HELLO ADRIEN WE'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU!!! Or should I say Cat Noir?" ||Le evil grin||
Awwww! *pops into texts as Kitten_ChatBug*
                              Kitten_ChatBug: HAWKMOTH HAS FEELS TOO! And ur fabulous Hawky!
Storytellingpoet Storytellingpoet Aug 13, 2017
The moment you realize that Sir Nino Lahiffe represents the entire ML fandom.