Fallen Seduction (ManxMan|Mpreg) Knightly Kings Host Club - BOOK ONE

Fallen Seduction (ManxMan|Mpreg) Knightly Kings Host Club - BOOK ONE

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YasmineFernandez9984 By YasmineFernandez9984 Updated Mar 23, 2016


Simon Andrews hated working at Knightly Kings Host Club, desperate to earn some kind of income, Knightly Kings is the only job that hired him with no experience. With a son to take care of, Simon is a single father and struggling to pay his bills. Working in Knightly Kings wasn't his first option but he needed to think about his son. Hearing rumours about the staff working in Knightly Kings, Simon wasn't excited to start his first day and to top it off he'll be working late night shifts tending to men and women who liked to be serviced by hosts or hostess. 

No one says working as a host is a piece of cake, new employer means new competition and that means drama which Simon wishes to avoid. He didn't think speaking to customers would cause such a fuss with other hosts and hostess. With more drama around the corner a mysterious man caught his eye. Constantly requesting his service, Simon wasn't sure what this man wanted but he is liking the attention. 

A/N: Warning this book contains grammar mistakes, if you're a grammar perfectionist then 'obviously' this book isn't for you. Please don't waste your time or mine by posted comments about my grammar, I didn't ask for it so don't post it.

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  • mpreg
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ShinoTheShadowShinx ShinoTheShadowShinx Dec 27, 2017
I was wondering, and I hope I don't sound rude but, when will the first chapter be posted?
GeminiLuv19 GeminiLuv19 Sep 05, 2017
The Ouran Highschool Host Club is the shitt I fux with that👏� #anime fan for life
Courtney_Emmons Courtney_Emmons Jun 07, 2017
Well tbh. Those 'perfectionists' are just helping so don't complain
- - Jun 08, 2016
This got me super hyped up :D The mention of Ouran HS Host Club made it even better xD
Raevyn87 Raevyn87 Sep 11, 2016
Bloody hilarious! Gotta feel sorry for Haruhi. 😂😂😂😂
I love that anime but Mitsukuni Haninozuka (a.k.a. Honey-senpai) Is bae!!