Alpha's Mate ( EDITING)

Alpha's Mate ( EDITING)

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Warning!! This book is in the process of editing so sorry for any mistake, i started writing this book like almost two years ago and completed it a year ago, And i've had grown into a much better writer (lol bassicly saying that this writing is completely different from my writing today)

18 year old cara has been bullied and pushed around by her pack after her parents died after the attack on her pack  and left her to be captured by the alpha that abused her like the other pack members

22 year old grant was known to be the cruelest alpha out there with the most 
 powerful pack in the world that all the other packs bow there heads in submission
In his presence

Carlisle adopted child and part of the most powerful bloodline ever 

Warning !!im not that skilled at writing

  • alpha
  • alphamate
  • beta
  • mate
  • mutemate
  • werewolf
Super_Sirius Super_Sirius Aug 17, 2017
First go to English class and actually learn something before u be a bitch to people... it's 'sent', not 'sended'... idiot
YeseniaSanchez2 YeseniaSanchez2 Mar 23, 2016
What do you want them to look like,like hair color,eye color,etc.
Erza-Inu-Hyuga Erza-Inu-Hyuga Jan 13, 2017
Get a gamma. (Means an editor) there are still a lot of mistakes, so I'd be easier to hire someone who can stop them easily.