Svtfoe : Starco Trash

Svtfoe : Starco Trash

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Starco One Shots, Writing Prompt, and videos related to Starco, or random post I do ╮(╯▽╰)╭

 I'm literally starco trash

 I ship two cartoon characters so hard that it's going happen one way or another 

I have no regrets

So enjoy the book filled with Starco and yeah..

I do take requests but not ones that are lemons or a lot of fluff, I just not good at writing those types and makes me feel weird or yeah

Characters are from Daron  Nefcy  and Disney so they don't belong to me.. but plots and stories are mine lol 

Cover is mine but photo from tumblr.. will change constantly if I make my own so for now it's what it is..

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I'm just now noticing the squid in the picture has the Lenny face
In my brain:* just pretend it's in stars room and not in public and just pretend it's not awkward*
WendipLove WendipLove Sep 27
How many of us with this is how life actually worked? I know I do. It would have saved me so much time
skittlecats skittlecats Jul 27
Me: ok I have a question for u Marco
                              Marco: ok
                              Me: sooooo, one of your bestest freinds Star is a Magical Princess With magical powers that can cut into different dimensions and lives in a GINORMOUS castle.
                              Marco: Yup that's star alright
                              LOOK AT THE COVER
                              YOU KNOW THE OCTOPUS THAT'S ON HER DRESS?
                              LOOK AT IT'S FACE
                              IT'S A ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) FACE
WendipLove WendipLove Sep 27
I can think of something he wants, and it's in the kitchen getting him soup!