Svtfoe : Starco Trash

Svtfoe : Starco Trash

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Ash By Ash113101 Updated 3 days ago

All types of Starco one shots you could possibly think of

I'm sorry but I'm literally starco trash I ship two cartoon characters so hard that it's going happen one way or another

So enjoy the book filled with Starco and yeah..

Cover not mine..

BreBriVibes BreBriVibes Nov 21
U gave me an idea @JordanStuff , let's (let's as in everyone reading this book 📚, pretend each chapter of this 📚 is a real episode of SVTFOE (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil!!)💯👌🏾
TheRadNerd TheRadNerd Nov 06
Hey, dod anyone notice that theres 13 comments on that one passage, and its Friday in the story?
- - Sep 07
- throws shoes, knives and an air conditioner at Jackie, screaming insults and profanities - HELL NO!
BreBriVibes BreBriVibes Nov 21
Then we'd feel the Starco feels even more ppftt imagine if all this shiii was real on TV.
I've never had a good Friday since I started secondary school😫
                              That's a LONNNGGG time believe me.
pokemonlvr27 pokemonlvr27 4 days ago
*gets a flamethrower and lights Jakie on fire* there you go star Marco is all yours