Svtfoe : Starco Trash

Svtfoe : Starco Trash

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Starco One Shots, Writing Prompt, and videos related to Starco, or random post I do ╮(╯▽╰)╭

 I'm literally starco trash

 I ship two cartoon characters so hard that it's going happen one way or another 

I have no regrets

So enjoy the book filled with Starco and yeah..

I do take requests but not ones that are lemons or a lot of fluff, I just not good at writing those types and makes me feel weird or yeah

Characters are from Daron  Nefcy  and Disney so they don't belong to me.. but plots and stories are mine lol 

Cover is mine but photo from tumblr.. will change constantly if I make my own so for now it's what it is..

_____Otaku_____ _____Otaku_____ Dec 22, 2016
Don't worry guys! This is just one of marcos silly little dreams -v~
BreBriVibes BreBriVibes Nov 21, 2016
U gave me an idea @JordanStuff , let's (let's as in everyone reading this book 📚, pretend each chapter of this 📚 is a real episode of SVTFOE (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil!!)💯👌🏾
TheRadNerd TheRadNerd Nov 06, 2016
Hey, dod anyone notice that theres 13 comments on that one passage, and its Friday in the story?
BreBriVibes BreBriVibes Nov 21, 2016
Then we'd feel the Starco feels even more ppftt imagine if all this shiii was real on TV.
RaccoonGamer404 RaccoonGamer404 Dec 05, 2016
no jackie is really cool and if you cant date her then just be friends
Me:imma slap a b*tch
                              Bff: no
                              Me: yes
                              Bff:i have zane (aphmau mystreet zane) posters
                              Me:get zane and ill stop
                              Bff:got him
                              zane:really izzy?
                              Bff:yup just go