Big New World.

Big New World.

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Brittany Reyes. 15. She has the whole world ahead of her. 

She has the best of friends anyone could ask for. She has Farkle, the genius who will rule the world one day. Riley, the always happy and fun one. Maya, the broken rebel trying to get through life with her friends. Lucas, the new Texan boy. Josh, Riley's older Uncle by 3 years. Brittany is older than Maya and Riley. She's in the eight grade but has Gym, English and History with them. She's older than Maya by a year and Riley by 2. She's supposed to be in ninth but she likes eight grade.

Her older brother, Nathan, takes care of her. Her mom died when she was five and her dad left three years after. 
Nathan has custody over her. She has learned that it will be hard for them both but she gets through it.

XxN0thingxX XxN0thingxX Aug 08
Oh my lord, I was thinking earlier about how stiles and farkle were kind of similar and then I see this amazingness😍
If i was Britt i think i would have a serious issue of liking my bro
I've read one of your GMW stories before! I didn't realize until just now...
IHeartbreakLover IHeartbreakLover Jun 22, 2016
I always want him as my brother when ever I saw him in the show he's so cute and sweet to be with