His Dangerous Ways

His Dangerous Ways

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"Calm down," he said as he brushed the broken glass off his forehead.

"Calm down?!" I shrieked. "You're telling me to calm down after a man just tried to kill us in the middle of the night and is now laying right over there dead?!" I said pointing to his limp, none moving body. 

"He's fine," River said as if it were no big deal. "I didn't hit him that hard." 

I looked at him in pure shock. What was wrong with this guy? 

"Now come on," he said grabbing my arm and leading me away from the man. 

"No, we have to call the ambulance!" I said trying to pull myself out of his firm grip, but failing due to my lack of strength. 

"No," he snapped, "They'll notice he's gone and call one for him and when they find him, I don't want to be here and neither do you."

"Who are-"

"Cat, listen, the less you know, the better," he said. "Now let's just go so no more people get hurt, okay?" 

I looked at him. Sweat had formed all over his forehead and a look of urgency was written all over his face. Blood was now leaking from the nasty cut on his forehead and looked like it would need some serious tending.

I looked between him and the guy laying on the ground. 

I'm probably going to regret this later. I thought to myself as I took  a deep breath before nodding and without a second thought, he continued pulling me away.


Cat was your average girl; she maintained good grades, loved Netflix, and valued her nails more than life itself, but her life changes when she quite literally runs into the biggest bad boy in her school: River Parker. Aka, the boy who doesn't give a damn about anything or anyone except his very few close friends, including Cat's best friend Liam.

But little did she know that her 'run in' would throw her into a life of drugs, gambling, near-death experiences, wild emotions, and so much more.

And to make things worse, she might be falling in love with him and all his dangerous ways.


Beautiful cover by @BloodyToni

FcbarcelonaChelseaFc FcbarcelonaChelseaFc Oct 26, 2016
penetrator-carly penetrator-carly Dec 05, 2016
john green's writing makes me laugh and cry at the same time and i have no idea how that's possible but it's john green so
neganwashere neganwashere Dec 20, 2016
Ph you didn't hit him that hard but he's dead...except it River you killed a man with your bare sinful hands
-voidcherry -voidcherry Jan 07
Does anyone remember the episode from Carly where Sam didn't like the word panties and Spencer kept saying ' Stairs! Stairs! Stairs !' Bc same
pinky2275 pinky2275 Sep 08, 2016
Gurl same. I have to walk out of the career building. Swim past the fish of people. Uhhh traffic. Goes up two flights of stairs. Still struggle with the swarm of people who like to hog up the hallways. Walk around the halls and Voila! Honors Geometry. We only get four minutes tho.