Sorry, Forgot To Mention Him

Sorry, Forgot To Mention Him

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Pezz By ilovebooks181 Updated Oct 27

After the war, it was straight back to the Dursley's for Harry.

But not before someone else joins the "family".

During the final battle, Gaia sent one of her minions to kill Percy's mortal parents. But they weren't the only ones to die.

The police, not knowing what to do, sent Percy to his only known living relative.

Petunia Dursley.

I read he and his mom had two sisters and I was really confused till I reread it
Yeah cause making you nefew live in a closet for mast of his life and treating him like a butler is completely normal @MaddieStormHeart
It's not like she had a child with the Greek God if the seas or anything *nervous laugh*
Percy Be Like: After the war I went back to New York!
                              (A-After the war I went back to New York.)
                              (Hamilton, anyone?)
How did he know it's a girl? It didn't say. It could have been a guy
ReeseSD ReeseSD Sep 06
Wow.  I was just starting to like you. 
                              ARE YOU KRONOS IS DISQUISE?