The Boy at School (A Papyton Highschool AU)

The Boy at School (A Papyton Highschool AU)

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Peter Pan By Hayleyotp Completed

Mettaton is the most popular boy at his Highschool. Almost any girl would dream of going out with him, but Mettaton only has eyes for one student. Papyrus. 

Papyrus is just an average Sophomore. He lives with his senior brother, Sans. He always gets good grades, and tends to have a positive look on everything. Will they end up together? How will they survive highschool? Why do like half my readers hate me?

(Cred to Kathy for title)

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Ryitchie Ryitchie Nov 03, 2017
                              I've been making bets on my little sister's love life-
RerehuaTheTrashLord RerehuaTheTrashLord May 24, 2017
If I did this, I dunno if I'd be poor or rich. 
                              I ship so much, and hopefully Lapidot, Papyton, Pharmercy, and Bubbline get official. 
                              I'll sink back into the shipping hell...
SadAndSparkly SadAndSparkly Aug 15, 2016
I'm like really enjoying this. Good job, Author-Chan. You deserve a cookie and a pat on the head ^_^
Of_Inner_Musings Of_Inner_Musings Aug 26, 2016
My Love, this is awesome! XD (Also, I'm a little new to Wattpad, does favoriting only favorite the chapter, or the story? O.o) (It's so different from
alilspicy alilspicy Oct 11, 2016
                              WHO WOULDN'T LIKE THIS
                              *points to self*