distant years ♔ s. curry (wattys2016)

distant years ♔ s. curry (wattys2016)

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who needs medication, when your antidote is sitting right beside you?

©thefinechina [2016]

highest ranking: #75 in short story

started on 6/5/16 and completed on 7/13/16

What's still pissing me off about the final game is that people say "You wanted curry to win but LeBron did" FÛUCK NO, I wanted GSW to win, Lebron didn't win, CAVS did.😑😒
kenyewest kenyewest Jun 21
Lmao they sound like two little preschoolers who just met, so cute
yass already know this is gon be great bc all of ur books are❤️
Sammy, I loved this!! 😍❤️ Your writing is flawless and this story's got a great start to it! I really loved the interaction between Valentine and Wardell and I hope they get to know each other better really soon! (;
Jasmine8295 Jasmine8295 Jun 06
Yoooo Amandla is in this?!?! *adds to library* I just love her!!! She's amazing.
you don't know how much I appreciate this playlist! Like I love dvsn so so much