Battle Of The Captains

Battle Of The Captains

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xX Bethany Stevens Xx

The best cheerleader, sure am, that's me I'm not some horny girl and some stupid cheerleader. I'm the girl top of the elite squad, well that's what I was....but let's not get into that.  

I have an older brother named Cody, and let me tell you he is everything to me. So I suggest you don't get on either one of our bad sides because it may not end up well. Cody and I are similar in many ways. First off our looks, we look like we could be twins, the same brown hair and the same eyes. But obviously not same other features like jawline. 

Anyway I live with my mom and my brother my brother and I are 4 years apart, I'm 16 and my brothers in collage aka 20, my father died of cancer when I was 7,  my best friend is Simone we basically grew up together. 

My whole life has been changing recently ever since I encountered one guy who has made my past a thrill and the captain of the football team.

My new cheer coach is  named benjamin or ben for short so we call him coach ben
you stole the title and cover from @seakissed , you also stole some main points in her book and this is plagiarism!