Chasing Embers  |  1

Chasing Embers | 1

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Emily Lin By StoriesFromEm Completed

"She was the spark of the revolution, and chasing embers is impossible once the fire begins to burn."
For all of her life, Ember Matthew's horizons had consisted of the North Pacific and the skyline of West Seattle, but she had always craved more. When a boy named Hunter promises her just that, Ember hesitantly joins him and finds herself in a world beyond anything she has ever dreamed of. 

She finds that it is a world where magic and science meld, part of everyday life, and where strange gods walk among men. However, underneath the shimmering beauty of this place, a cruel power lurks. Ember unexpectedly gets tossed into the secrets and greed. If she wants to defeat this darkness, she must work with newfound friends and watch her back at every turn. For she is the spark of the revolution, and a fire cannot be chased once it starts to burn. War will rise as darkness and evil begin chasing embers.

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#6 in Fantasy