*FEATURED STORY* As Judge for King Asgore Dreemurr, Sans has seen a lot of strange stuff. But when he wakes up with the feeling that something is completely wrong, he decides it's time to investigate with the only monster who could know what was happening: Royal Scientist W.D. Gaster.

When I read this I thought of how The Eleventh Doctor always talks whilst flapping his hands about. Lol
tbh reading this in dan howell's voice and it's giving me the feels :/
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_HaiImHaile_ _HaiImHaile_ 6 days ago
If Gaster speaks with always moving his hands, my font would be the same as his
GreggTheGrimReaper GreggTheGrimReaper Oct 02, 2016
The message of "three" worked for Data. Not sure what message would work for Sans, though.
Nope. Definitely not breaking the fourth wall.  Nope. Totally no sarcasm there.