Beautiful Dancer

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Aissa By bronxnyc Completed
Spinning and turning,
    Twisting and learning,
    She's not one to hear the burning.
    Another short poem i wrote on a whim. :)
I love the images! As she learns to dance and her love for it grows, everything around her crashes and burns. But she is the crown jewel for innocence. Art can take you away to the best of places.
I love both versions, but I like the feel of this one more. It gives a more personal tone to it. The first one is a bit impersonal. This one allows readers to relate to the dancer more. ♡ ♥ <3
This is a rather lovely poem, I absolutely love it :)  It flows wonderfully and has a lot of hidden emotion.  You have a gift!  I could see this becoming a classic.
They are both excellent, I can't say which I like more because they are both wonderful. V
Beautiful poem, love the flow to it and the juxtaposition of something as beautiful as dancing to something as horrible as war. V
I think it was very interesting. The wording felt a little off at some points but I thought the format was very interesting and the concept was good too.