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Unforgivable - Book One

Unforgivable - Book One

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K Wells By ka_wells Completed

How do you forgive the unforgivable? 

Rhonwyn Weasley is virtually unknown to the world. She is the sixth child of Molly and Arthur and the twin sister of Ron. She was supposed to help calm the testosterone filled home, but she wasn't able to do that. At only a month old, she was stolen from her home. All that was left behind was a note for her parents and the dark mark hanging threateningly in the air. 

Fourteen years later, after being held captive her whole life, Rhonwyn is found in a small home; confused, feisty, but alive. Saved by friends of her parents, she is reunited with a family she didn't know she had. 

How will she cope with being thrust into a world she never knew? After being trained in magic by people who should have killed her the minute they stole her, how will she handle being put into school and following guidelines? After no contact with people her age, no experience with love, hate, jealousy, or rage, how will she handle the torment her fourth year is sure to bring? 

With the lies, and secrets her twin brother and his best friends have been keeping from her, how is she supposed to react when her past makes a showing in her present?

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