One of them.       Dipper gleeful x reader

One of them. Dipper gleeful x reader

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Mikayla 💘 By pip_pirrup_good_girl Updated May 18, 2017

Ok guys so not your average book here.... This is basically if you became friends with Mabel and Dipper gleeful and became evil and murdered people with them. #deepshit

Somehow ou and dipper g become in love and yea.....

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  • evil
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  • murder
  • reversefalls
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MochiJesus MochiJesus Jun 18, 2017
OK so my Oc's name is Tie so wouldn't the ship name me Die???
Roses are red 
                              Violets are blue
                              I have 10 fingers
                              But the third ones for you!
                              VIOLETS ARE BLUE
                               I HAVE 100 CHANCES
                              WITH YOU
Blood is red 
                              Bruises are blue
                              I love it better when it's no in you
Blood is Red 
                              Bruises are blue
                              I like it better When it's spilling out of you
Tristen_Tried Tristen_Tried Dec 31, 2016
Roars are red,
                              Cacti are prickly
                              that went from 0-100
                              a little too quickly