Illegal Love (Editing)

Illegal Love (Editing)

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OriginalWish_Dreamz By x_Rivalryxx Completed

Demons and Angels, are creatures which humans know exist and are above all. 

A marriage, being held between the demon prince and angel princess has finally arrived, to unite the two different kingdoms. 
Lissana Heartfilia, was finally getting married to the man she has fallen in love for years. On the other hand, Natsu Dragneel, wants to pick his own beloved wife, not his wife that was decided ever since he was born. 

This will be a memorable wedding, everyone thought. 

But will it really?

After that unexpected event, Natsu meets a beautiful young lady. He was a demon, and she was a human. He fell in love with her, and she fell in love with him.  

A terrifying journey awaits, as they experience an illegal love.

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Wait why is Lisannas last name Heartfillia? That makes no sense!😩
Wow that’s a creative to tell if she’s the true princess or not like princess and the pea!😉
Angelwing543 Angelwing543 Jul 19, 2017
Yesss I knew it Lucy where are get over lissana can u stand back thank u carry on don't mind me do what u need to do *natsu puts ring on finger and glows* yes in your face lissana Lucy is the only one for him
cutiebug59 cutiebug59 Feb 14
                              *Power slams Lasagna away till nothingness*
nalulover00000 nalulover00000 Sep 14, 2017
Natsu Dragfeel what a nice cover up name Natsu hahaha. I'm so done
MysticalDemon MysticalDemon Nov 25, 2017
Me too I was do relieved that I danced over to my oven and popped some lagsana in it ⊙ω⊙