Miraculous Ladybug Jealousy

Miraculous Ladybug Jealousy

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This is for the people who wants jealousy Adrien! 

A new boy came to Paris.His name is Justin and he is from Belgium.He went to Marinette's school and he's starting falling in love with her.
When he finds out that she's in love with someone else, he tries everything to make her fall in love with him.
Adrien notice the way that he's looking at her and he gets jealous. 
What will Adrien do? 
Will Justin make her fall in love with him?
Read to find out!

Also is Adrienette and Marichat.

Uhh I love the word young cause I don't want to be old!! I know what it's like to move as well but mine was only a state and I was younger then u. U JUST HAVE TO SUCK IT UP!
Adrien, I recommend that you need eyeglasses for a better eyesight.
FaithFics FaithFics Jun 11
*flips table*
                              Hahahhhhah, now to flip Adrain's eyes the right way.
That better not be justin beiber or i swear to god..... My foot is going so far up his ass i wont have a leg
Already in love with this story. Love stories when Adrien gets jealous! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕😍😍😍😍😀😀😀
Oh he is. *grabs knifes and hides them in Adrien's cupboard. Put guns on self. Everyone else in the class grab swords and the teacher can be seen with a bomb in the back* KILL HIMMMMMM