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Prophecies and Parallel Universes |An Interview Book|

Prophecies and Parallel Universes |An Interview Book|

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Ever wondered where we get our inspiration? How long it takes us to write a chapter? What crazy things we do to make sure our scenes are perfect?
        Read this book of interviews to learn all about us.
        Also, read interviews of our favourite and upcoming Fantasy and Science Fiction authors on Wattpad. You might find your next favourite.

Sheilaroug17 Sheilaroug17 Nov 22, 2016
The IMPOSSIBILITIES are endless.
                              Yeah, I know: quoting DOCTOR STRANGE
NeonNul NeonNul Mar 28, 2016
Ah, I love just looking a Colin in the background. He's so enthusiastic. xD
obstinatedragon obstinatedragon May 09, 2016
My main book is Sci-Fi with the multiverse and space stations and stuff, but they go to lots of fantasy worlds with dragons and stuff. Lots of dragons. And by lots of dragons, I mean LOTS OF FREAKING DRAGONS.
JamieBlackmarr JamieBlackmarr Mar 26, 2016
That last picture is awesome and Harry Potter was included in this! <3 Are you guys going to compile a list of authors featured in this book at the start of this any time soon?
corvums corvums Jun 25, 2016
love that katniss gif omg lol I feel like I've to say something genius
MarcusBrutus1 MarcusBrutus1 Mar 25, 2016
I would read a book that has two universes, one with magic and the other with sci fi stuff, fighting each other.