The Next Thing I Know : Im Married

The Next Thing I Know : Im Married

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QueenOfTheClouds18 By QueenOfTheClouds18 Updated Jan 25, 2017

"Im not your prisoner, you can't keep me locked up here ! " I screamed

"Oh yes I can. I told you not to get out alone , especially not without my permission !" He yelled back 

"Who the hell you think you are ? What do you think makes you control me ? You are a not my brother, nor my father, nor ... " i couldnt finish my words he interrupted 

"Husband ! Thats what i am ! Im your husband for God's sake !"

"Only on paper !" I yelled back 

Tears started pouring on my cheeks as i said this words "Did someone give me any choice ? All of you forced me to this ! Arranged this behind my back for some odd reason that i ignore ! All of you ruined my life, dream, everything . I hate all of you ! I hate you ! I hate you ! "

I was screaming and crying uncontrollably.

Suddenly i felt warm hands cupping my cheeks , and soft lips crashing into mine gently .

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NesarAhmed0 NesarAhmed0 Mar 28, 2017
Wait... I hope not, I don't want to have a future with a hôe that I don't know
RiaaaMedina RiaaaMedina Mar 09, 2017
Can we just take a moment of silence for these very wise and deep words...
jeanette_1513 jeanette_1513 Apr 02, 2017
Well u could just call the police and tell em your dad is forcing you to marry a stranger and tada your free💁💁
spreadthejams spreadthejams Aug 21, 2016
Ugh really and I accept her to calm down well if I was her is pull kick to ugly ass nuts
SangXiang SangXiang Jun 30, 2016
PleAse update your book i started to like it so much that its hurt to read only chapter6 cliffhanger babe