BONDED #romanticsuspense

BONDED #romanticsuspense

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Alizeh By Alizeh- Updated Nov 28, 2016

#101 in Fan-Fiction. Dated- 29th November, 2016.

There was a world beyond the human one where no rules were followed because there only one thing ruled, that is, magic. 

Welcome to the World of Supernaturals. 


"I. asked. who. are. you.?", I repeated my question furiously and giving stress to each and every word but that sly smile on his face didn't faded.
"Mine.", he whispered huskily. His closeness was already affecting me way too much and top of that his voice was rising many wild desires within me. 
"Am not a thing to be claimed!", I retorted. 
He traced my face with his fingers and again whispered, "My Mate!"
"Wh-?", I wasn't even able to complete my word and I experienced a complete back out.
"Sorry Nandani!", I heard a light whisper before diving into the pool of darkness.


  • fantasy
  • magic
  • manan
  • romance
  • werewolves
yourstormwithin yourstormwithin Apr 19, 2016
how do you put that picture inside the content? I never saw that before.
- - Jun 20, 2016's like a prince and princess story 😍😍 interesting....a totally new conceit just loved it 👍