Stranger or Lover?

Stranger or Lover?

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❕¢нє¢к συт му вσσк❕ By _hameedah_ Updated Oct 09, 2016

Jess is the quiet nerd who only talks to her best friend Ashley, and she doesn't have much of an interesting life. Until she gets a message from an unknown person on kik. 

thatnerd66: hey, you there?

sportsfordays: of course :)

thatnerd66: are you going to the football game tonight ? 

sportsfordays: yeah why?

sportsfordays: wait don't tell me. You want us to meet up? Never going to happen.

thatnerd66: come on! Please? I really want to meet you.

sportsfordays: well of course you do. I am pretty hot ;)

thatnerd66: please, lets meet.

sportsfordays: maybe another time but I got to go.

thatnerd66: where?

sportsfordays: the game. Bye :)

thatnerd66:  :/

After talking to this "Mystery Man" for awhile, she falls for him. And all she wants is to hold him and are him in person. But things go downhill when the prefect Guy she has been texting is not so prefect in person. 

Can you figures out who "Sportsfordays" is out of all the guys Jess has been seen with?  

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