The Alpha King's Secret Mate (Boyxboy) (Bxb)

The Alpha King's Secret Mate (Boyxboy) (Bxb)

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bxbfangirldontjudge By bxbfangirldontjudge Updated 5 hours ago

He buttons up his shirt and I yawn. 

"You sleepy babe"he asks and I nod.

"Hmm I'm gonna go get some rest"he tells me and leans down kissing my forehead.

"Wait you being king the only reason your rejected me"I ask and he tenses.

He looks up and shakes his head. I nod with a small frown. He walks out and I groan. And I thought girls were complicatd.
. . .
Sage never really cared on finding his mate. But once he does the feeling was just as his dad explained. Amazing!

Andrew's whole life was based on finding his mate and taking his title as alpha king. But things get complicated when he finds he has a male mate and has no choice but to reject him.

Then Sage becomes the alpha kings secret mate.

shatteredscorpion14 shatteredscorpion14 Sep 01, 2016
I've never seen the highschool theme used before this should be interesting
The plot is really interesting..... only if this chapter (and most likely the other chapters) didn't have grammar errors.
Do you hate pressing a button for a punctuation? You have a serious punctuation problem and spacing problem. I'm pretty sure there is supposed to be a space after the quotation marks.
queencracra queencracra Dec 19, 2016
*Me and Cas has dodgeballs in our hands getting ready to kill.... I mean play with these hoes*
It's interesting how you capitalize the T in Taylor but don't capitalize the M in Mrs.... Is pressing the shift button a bit too hard for you?
32swat 32swat Nov 23, 2016
I'll back u up. I already hat her and it the begin of the story