Slave or Love

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RozaANDDimka By RozaANDDimka Updated 3 years ago
Trying too just get through school and get over the tragedy of her mother dying Crystal goes through life going day to day trying not to break down and cry until she turns eighteen and goes out to celebrate by herself and finds herself in a tough situation and then again in an even tougher one. The big question on her mind is will she become the horrible vampires slave or lover?
I tried ti read this, but the run on sentences and lack of punctuation drove me nuts. Sorry.
I like it needs some editing and a little more detail on her being at the house or where ever the vamp took other then that it was good!! Nothing bad said!! VOTED
keep going on this book i love it and can'nt wait for more to read of it
@CutieBoo22 thats a bit of a harsh comment dont you think? Just cause it seems the same dosent mean it is.
This story sounds alot like a story i read ages ago on quzilla.