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My bestfriend's brother; jikook

My bestfriend's brother; jikook

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sophie By hoe_seokie Updated Feb 14

❝i love you, hyung.❞
     ❝i can't.❞

©hoe-seokie | 2016
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Suganthi123 Suganthi123 3 days ago
jhope and i have 5 years  difference but i still won't mind marrying him
Slimjimin3 Slimjimin3 Feb 05
I saw 'slow down' 'a$$hole' and 'fasten the pace' . . . Totally thought they were doin the nasteh at first
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 2 days ago
I hope he is gonna demonstrate some tongue technology to  jimin
Jamkookie123 Jamkookie123 2 days ago
Top kook
                              Top kook
                              Top kook
                              Top kook
                              Okay ill give up now.
smoljikook smoljikook 4 days ago
that moment web yoongis your bias but you don't ship yoonmin... do you hate him in this ff? love him? im sHOOK
BehindTheScene7 BehindTheScene7 Oct 16, 2016
Admit it Jimin...even u love him...get ur jams together and face it!!