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🍒 By CherriPop_ Updated Aug 11, 2016

"What happened to you, BabyGirl? You used to be so sweet.."

"I opened my eyes."

What happens when you lose family..innocence? No longer knowing the meaning of real love.

You use the only thing you're familiar with to get what you want..

No one here to stop you right?

(Might Discontinue..)

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danie1011 danie1011 Jul 31, 2017
When I was 11 I didn't have a phone . when I was 11 I was still eatching calliou . When I was 11 I was basically 5
meganisluv meganisluv Jul 07, 2017
Don't give her any ideas. Her innocent lil mind is already gone 😭😭
meganisluv meganisluv Jul 06, 2017
I knew that hurt we he said "not satisfied"😂😂I shouldn't be laughing
YoungRichGodDess YoungRichGodDess Nov 20, 2017
This is the type of friend I am. I'm not going to judge you simply because what you did can not be undone. There's no need to get myself worked up over a situation I can't change.
jordandiva jordandiva Dec 29, 2017
Yo I had a friend like this . She was obsessed with sex omg 🤣😂
meganisluv meganisluv Jul 06, 2017
It's always the big cousins spilling the tea ☕️ cuz my cousins did the same thing