pluviophile | dolan twincest

pluviophile | dolan twincest

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lia snow ❄️ By wisteria-kat Updated Apr 15

ethan who founds comfort in the rain.

☀️ grayson who likes sunshines and smiles.

- plagiarism is a crime 2016 ❄️ lia snow

For a second I thought Grayson put him up there cause he was mad and wanted Ethan out of the house.
wish I could say the same but I know someone who's copied too many of my books ugh I'm so done
Sorry that it took me forever to read this! I love it so far
Uh you wrote if you will have a mistake we should tell you so...  Shouldn't be there were besides we're in sentence 'My eyes we're still...'
ok but that was hardcore friendzone even if he's his brother omf