If Fate is What You Call It

If Fate is What You Call It

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Joni Bautista By missjonibautista Updated Feb 06

RJ was a lost soul waiting to be found, he wandered from one place to another trying to find his way back to the man he used to be until he met her, a seemingly ordinary girl who turns his life around. 

Danielle hated the world, she wanted to go away and leave everything behind and in her pain, she had forgotten how to live, but then one rainy day, a bedimpled man came into her life looking for a place to stay, little did she know that he was sent to her for a reason. 

For a year she wondered if he had been okay, she pushed him away, and Maine regretted that every single day. But she had to make a choice, the kind that you wished you never had to make and the hardest part wasn't even in deciding whether it was right or wrong, what hurt her the most was living with the choice that ultimately lead him to her, to Dani.

wuthie16 wuthie16 Aug 05, 2016
I'm afraid that when this becomes a reality (knock on wood, wag naman sana), this is really how it's going to be. People are so quick to judge Alden all the time. 😪 Hindi siya binibigyan ng benefit of the doubt. Palaging sya ang may mali 😔
loureinne loureinne Mar 30, 2016
Bet ko ung mataray na meng .. ung tipong ang sarap lunurin ,maiba lang .. hahahahhaha ..😍😍😍
kweenmeng kweenmeng Jun 09, 2016
Shet, bakit ba di ko muna binasa yung tag bago ko binasa...ang aga ko pa naman binasa. Ang sakit pota. 😭
knoxxmontefalcs knoxxmontefalcs May 16, 2016
I ship dani and alden already and im barely finished with the 1st chapter  lol am i too bad haha
Yna_Kay Yna_Kay Mar 31, 2016
If her name was Gab, i would have thought im reading the other side of AfterUs!
writingmaichard writingmaichard May 20, 2016
Interesting that you'd use a different person's POV. So excited to read more of this!