~The Stripper~ ~The Ultimate Septiplier Smut Collection Story~

~The Stripper~ ~The Ultimate Septiplier Smut Collection Story~

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Samantha By geekiplier Updated Mar 24, 2016

"Come on! I dare you!"


"I double-dog dare you!"

"But, guys, I-

"We triple-dog dare you!"

"GUYS!" I yelled, getting my friend's attentions. "I was going to do it anyways. As long as I do it alone." 

They nodded eagerly and shoved me toward the entrance of the gay strip club. I had been dared to go in.

When I walked in and turned around, they were already closing the door.

Right when the door closed, I was pinned against the wall.

"You're cute~" I heard a raspy, sexy voice in my ear. My arms were pinned over my head as the man came into view. 

He had chocolate brown eyes, a bit of black stubble, and a few red highlights in his floofy, black hair. ( Just pretend it's like that, okay? Thanks )

He moved his body closer to mine and nibbled my ear lightly as I moaned.

"Scratch cute... you're fucking hot~" the man rubbed his hips against mine softly, causing me to moan louder. I felt my erection begin to grow against his.

"Let's take this into... the back room~" he mumbled...

RebelliousAngel51302 RebelliousAngel51302 Dec 22, 2016
I've reread this like four times and it's still my favorite ever
The ending was the absolute best! "That was fücking awesome" right in front of the "stunned friends!" Best thing ever!!
TheNeonized TheNeonized Dec 23, 2016
This reminded me of hide and seek for when someone says "found you"
cat-burd cat-burd Jan 03
When is a smut book mark never had lube
                              Never heard of one where he doesn't ..
Holy....... wow this is REALLY good update plz its SO good!!! ❤
Kinbug116003 Kinbug116003 Dec 27, 2016
The gay strip club is where I belong BTW amazing smut I love it, its my fav so far