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The Amaroks

The Amaroks

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Strongforever By Strongforever200 Updated Aug 05, 2016

The Sequel to "Xyon and Xenia".  The long awaited...

"The Amaroks"

"Cursing and blessing beings is the job of gods and since I chose to curse you Xander I choose to remove it and bless your union with my daughter Cynthia. May your bond grow stronger and stronger each and every day that you live together. And with this all other curses placed on your friends shall be removed as well".

After the removal of the curse placed on Xander and Cynthia, they can finally have their happy ending... but what no one thought about was how this will affect the rest of the Amaroks. After all they were paired with their mates only because of the Curse...

No curse= no mates


Memories have been wiped.
Incidents have been erased.
Time has been manipulated.

All this and more just to bring a somewhat of a normality to the lives of the Amaroks. But what happens when the wolves decide to take a stand for something they can't even remember? 
What happens when the wolves want to claim their mates who aren't intended for them anymore?

We all know wolves don't give their mates up without a fight but what happens when they are Amaroks who are awoken from their deep slumber in the worst way possible?

"By an innocent Mistake!"

But are Mistakes ever innocent?...

You will not understand anything in this book if you haven't read the first book. This is not a stand alone book.

kennediwhite kennediwhite Apr 08, 2016
Ok I might be slightly slow, but just to clarify... So is Xyon memory wiped too or just the other amaroks?? And are Xander and Cynthia together in the Moon Goddess world or...
S1992L S1992L Apr 24, 2016
Loved the first book.... Eagerly waiting for this one to finish 😉
gay-anne gay-anne Apr 28, 2016
Omg.. Can't wait for ur update..Im so inlove with this  book... Can't  wait what will gonna happen now to xyon and xenia and so with the other warriors...
S1992L S1992L Apr 24, 2016
I was thinking to read this book after it is finished but.... I CAN NOT CONTROL MYSELF...
S1992L S1992L Apr 24, 2016
Okay... So they are separated.... They can't remember anything... What about Xenia & Xyon's broken bond? What about the others broken bond? Can't they recognize their own mate???
Gladiolas Gladiolas May 28, 2016
if their amaroks were god n goddesss then now shouldn't they all have just the wolf and not the amaroks??? and what about luke is he dead or not??