Sean's Story With Me 2 {Jacksepticeye}

Sean's Story With Me 2 {Jacksepticeye}

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失败者 By YT_Sanity Updated Nov 16

Welp, book two rolls along and now we have to find out what happened to Y/n and Charlie.

Though, they may have a big roller coaster of a book coming along with you so strap on your gears. Let's do this, together.

You have to read book one to understand book 2!

mercysean mercysean Sep 23
and i thought the first book was full of emotions...this just messes with my emotions even more 😭
Random dude: yes they are dead
                              Me: *comes out of no where* are you sure about that?
If I'm dead stupid shït will happen cause Jack will blame himself probably
No not the promises. Everyone run for ur life *screams while running away.* *runs into a door* I'm ok! *gets up and continues running away*
manapnapha manapnapha Jul 23
Yes! Finally I have been waiting for this! I binged the first book all in one go and at the end... I felt incomplete and I needed more!
blublukitty blublukitty Mar 27
Still with the promises that obviously are impossible to keep!