Why can't you love me?. (Yanderexreader)

Why can't you love me?. (Yanderexreader)

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microwaveness By microwaveness Updated Jul 22

"Why can't you just love me, (y/n)?"
"WHY (y/n)!? TELL ME WHY!"
"I guess I should..."

"Lock you away from this cruel world.."
"And eliminate everyone you know..."
"So you would only love me..."

"Only me.."

Me screaming in the living room kver and over again. CREEPY. CREEPY. CREEPY. Sometimes I wonder why my dad hasn't sent me a mental facility yet.
Panda_God88 Panda_God88 Jul 07
*sitting in a fort built from books,cd cases, record cases, and boxes listening to musicals loudly* stay away from meeeeeeee
*look at the angry FANGIRLS  then look back at him* you want me dead huh😒
"Have a good day you said. Have fun you said. Mom, you hard core jinxed my first day of school"
LunaDatura LunaDatura Aug 06
Why are you torturing me MAC?!?! 
                              You little piece fd sdhu..
O-O and so the stalking begins....................................