Why can't you love me?. (Yanderexreader)

Why can't you love me?. (Yanderexreader)

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microwaveness By microwaveness Updated Jul 22

"Why can't you just love me, (y/n)?"
"WHY (y/n)!? TELL ME WHY!"
"I guess I should..."

"Lock you away from this cruel world.."
"And eliminate everyone you know..."
"So you would only love me..."

"Only me.."

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Utsubunny Utsubunny 4 days ago
Panda_God88 Panda_God88 Jul 07
*looks at the piece of candy* you really think this small piece of candy is going to keep me busy and on top of that you only gave me one
Raven4234 Raven4234 Aug 20
A+B = Can whoever who put letters in math please reverse time and stop this hell
two things. first if i saw someone standing at my wINDOW I WOULD BE UP IN TWO SECONDS. second thing. y...ou...is...gonn..a..diE....E..E
LunaDatura LunaDatura Aug 06
Why are you torturing me MAC?!?! 
                              You little piece fd sdhu..
Cha_MinHo Cha_MinHo 2 days ago
This my friend what you call bullying in a soft weird yandere ways
                              And freaking chill dude