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Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

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♧♪「MCSR」♪♧ By OtakuRianne-san Updated Apr 24

(Y/n) was just a normal girl- ..Let's just cut the crap...

(Y/n) is one of the witches who possess extraordinary abilities such as manipulating ice,can make lots of potions,etcetera etcetera..But also anybody have upside downs right? Her mother and father wasn't really the typical parents you could imagine,especially when (Y/n) have a psycho brother tailing her-

This is NOT Yandere -_-

-everywhere,since you're the only one who is different,you always encounter a lot of bullies in your school.Either way you also have 'Nice events' like how you met slendy when you are still a child....

And that is the end of the description...
Just experience the storyline for yourself :3
Anyway thanks for reading!

(Published in the 24th day of March 2016)

tgree153 tgree153 May 02
If you weren't weird I most likely wouldn't be here reading a Creepypasta story
MovieLoveMe MovieLoveMe May 09
                              I'll be having fun tonight
I only have one brother and I love him , he's the only one who cares about me ...Well Atleast used too
Wait!!! Strawberry Juice is a real thing!!! I never heard of it
Aphm00 Aphm00 Apr 06
Elizabitch is what I call her tho her real name in Elizabeth
I learned to make potions when I was 6. Aunt taught me!<3 
                              There's one time that I 'accidentally' mixed the potions and it burned my desk