Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

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「Marianne Christine」 By ScaRiannet Updated Jun 10

(Y/n) was just a normal girl- ..Let's just cut the crap...

(Y/n) is one of the witches who possess extraordinary abilities such as manipulating ice,can make lots of potions,etcetera etcetera..But also anybody have upside downs right? Her mother and father wasn't really the typical parents you could imagine,especially when (Y/n) have a psycho brother tailing her-

This is NOT Yandere -_-

-everywhere,since you're the only one who is different,you always encounter a lot of bullies in your school.Either way you also have 'Nice events' like how you met slendy when you are still a child....

And that is the end of the description...
Just experience the storyline for yourself :3
Anyway thanks for reading!

(Published in the 24th day of March 2016)

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MemeQueen72 MemeQueen72 Jul 24
Am I the only maze runner fan cuz I thought of newt *starts crying*if you don't know read the second book
to be honest a lot of people say bloody hell i even say bloody hell nut it mostly has to do with a certain ascent
Correction *The left e/c is red ruby color and the other is purple
Y/n:Shaila.  Lf/b/n:Venix. Y/s:Roxav Academy (just made it up)
                              L/n:Eclipes. F/g:Hide & Sike
                              Y/a:16 (not my real life age). R/c:Indegou 
                              H/c:It looks like a Luna's hair from Ly little pony F/f:Fried chicken
                              H/l:5inch E/c: Purple in da right and in da left is like a ruby shape I guess
__silara__ __silara__ Jul 02
Yeah sure. Imma just go with an weird looking man. Its ok. Imma just live in a house full of killers and pancakes and cheesecake lovers. Gawsch yeah.
Well you used a line from Harry potter because Ron says bloody hell