Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

Killer Rivalries (Creepypasta x Reader)

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「Rianne」 By ScaRiannet Updated Jun 10, 2017

(Y/n) was just a normal girl- ..Let's just cut the crap...

(Y/n) is one of the witches who possess extraordinary abilities such as manipulating ice,can make lots of potions,etcetera etcetera..But also anybody have upside downs right? Her mother and father wasn't really the typical parents you could imagine,especially when (Y/n) have a psycho brother tailing her-

This is NOT Yandere -_-

-everywhere,since you're the only one who is different,you always encounter a lot of bullies in your school.Either way you also have 'Nice events' like how you met slendy when you are still a child....

And that is the end of the description...
Just experience the storyline for yourself :3
Anyway thanks for reading!

(Published in the 24th day of March 2016)

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KayIdk288 KayIdk288 Dec 11, 2017
Ciel? Where the HELL is Sebastian?! Ok I'll leave now! But I is taking da child! *grabs Ciel and runs away*
The_Living_Hell666 The_Living_Hell666 Nov 27, 2017
Slenderman:Its a group of kille-
                              Me:Stop right there!I'm in.
                              (Recognize that line from somewhere?😆)
user205269502609 user205269502609 Dec 24, 2017
All I know is that Ron always says bloody hell in every harry potter book so im not sure about the rest
Djcupcake20 Djcupcake20 Oct 30, 2017
Y/N: Galaxy Lf/b/n=Tritan
                              Y/s= Midnight Diamonds Academy  (my ocs highschool-made it myself)
                              L/n:Rose F/g:Minecraft(Fite me)
                              Y/a:?17?  R/c: Blue
                              H/c: galaxy print hair(purple galaxy hair)
                              F/f: WAFFLES H/l: to shoulders
                              E/c: blue and green (left blue right green)
ScaRiannet ScaRiannet Dec 28, 2017
Do I really write these types of thing? Wth is wrong with my life...
AutumnDena AutumnDena Jan 13
I only know 3 characters that say 'bloody hell' it is Ron, Ciel and England