Bad Boy Kisses (Completed) ✔

Bad Boy Kisses (Completed) ✔

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Hála Madrid. By teenpunch- Completed

Previously known as Kissed by the Bad Boy. 

Tainted kisses, all those 'Iloveyou's and a best friend. 

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Actually many girls play. If you only knew how many college girls do
teenpunch- teenpunch- Apr 23
@freaking_naomi I wouldn't know man. Haven't watched it ever.
my cousin's made me to like watching sofia now i love it so much
Wait.... how is she your foster mother if she's with your dad?
My name is Sophia and everyone makes that joke when they first meet me.  I've began to start making them myself...
i'm just a girl in a village doing all right then i became a princess overnight now i gotta figure out how to do it right so much to learn and see