Ereri |30 Day NSFW Challenge| |SMUT|

Ereri |30 Day NSFW Challenge| |SMUT|

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Alexander Grey By Heichous_Waifu Completed

Random Ereri one shot prompts from here:

WARNING! PURELY SMUT!! All NSFW so read at your own risk. I mean, seriously. They're all graphic and very descriptive.. Maybe. Basically porn. Written gay porn.

Some are AU's (regular present time) or normal AOT setting. Noted in chapter as |AU| or |No AU|

None of these are connected in any way, they are complete different stories of their own. Any could be read in any order. Unless stated otherwise and is a bonus chapter connecting to a previous one.

For @OfficialHoneySenpai 's birthday!

Enjoy my perverted children~

I was listening to this song, this exact line when I read this xD
my parents has a 20 year age gap, they were both well over the legal age but that just goes to show that as long as you love someone and have consent age doesnt matter, some idiotic people just think that anything 'different' is wrong these days
Age does matter, but as long as it has consent and is legal then who cares
In those times age didn't matter. They had like 11-16 years old girls being married to 50+ year old men
And it's only pedophilia if the youngest doesn't understand love or whatever, Eren's old enough
Exactly, but I mean, if it's a 60 year old and a 6 year old I would think that's a little gross...but the age gap between Eren and Levi is reasonable!