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Ereri |30 Day NSFW Challenge| |SMUT|

Ereri |30 Day NSFW Challenge| |SMUT|

43.2K Reads 1.7K Votes 30 Part Story
Alexander Grey By Heichous_Waifu Completed

Random Ereri one shot prompts from here:

WARNING! PURELY SMUT!! All NSFW so read at your own risk. I mean, seriously. They're all graphic and very descriptive.. Maybe. Basically porn. Written gay porn.

Some are AU's (regular present time) or normal AOT setting. Noted in chapter as |AU| or |No AU|

None of these are connected in any way, they are complete different stories of their own. Any could be read in any order. Unless stated otherwise and is a bonus chapter connecting to a previous one.

For @OfficialHoneySenpai 's birthday!

Enjoy my perverted children~

Age does matter, but as long as it has consent and is legal then who cares
Ryuzaki_Jaeger Ryuzaki_Jaeger 5 days ago
And it's only pedophilia if the youngest doesn't understand love or whatever, Eren's old enough
spiixe spiixe Mar 26
i told my mom this and she went off on me saying "if u date older men then u are not allowed to bring him into this house" and i was like "wtf mom calm down its not like i could get a guy anyways"
Myrlynne99 Myrlynne99 Apr 02
I don't support pedophilea, but Eren is old enough to understand consent so it's gine
Not here to hate in the slightest, but surely it has to matter at some point...
shyshy_XO_02 shyshy_XO_02 Jun 01, 2016
I'm pretty sure I'm crying *wipes at face* oh look at that I am crying