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first love

first love

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🌙 By mino-sakura Completed

↣just a bunch of suga imagines and scenarios.

KpopAffinity KpopAffinity a day ago
I won't even want it cuz I'm not a morning person either 😂😂😂
YuriOnIce64 YuriOnIce64 2 days ago
BRUH, i can cook now I can make greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb, ram, haws, maws
I_Am_Revelation I_Am_Revelation 4 days ago
I can cook, I do most of the cooking despite having sisters who are quite capable. (It's bc I'm the eldest daughter and they're lazy and spoiled af)
Acacia_Black12 Acacia_Black12 a day ago
Dang it Yoongi-
                              Why must you have perfect legs and a perfect face-
                              No wait-
                              Don't stop-
-sugacube -sugacube Feb 11
I'm jealous of his legs man.. 
                              But them thighs tho 👀🔥
iYoongay iYoongay Feb 20
That's the sweetest thing ever :,) my mom tells me not to cook or I'll end up killing her (with the food) or me (from blowing myself up )