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Blank Canvas [Destiel AU]

Blank Canvas [Destiel AU]

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sammy By PentagramsAndPlaid Updated 3 days ago

In a city where struggling artists crash at bartender's flats, and aspiring writers find inspiration from chapped lips and whiskey, something odd is lurking in the streetlamp shadows. 

Paint leaves no space untouched in Castiel's studio flat, his laptop keys especially tainted with specks of blues and reds. 
It's the same in Dean's apartment flat, though instead of paint it's liquor and instead of a laptop it's the overflowing recycling bin filled with glass bottles. 

They each struggle in their own ways. Castiel with his career, Dean with his self-esteem. While they keep things hidden deep down and out of view from public eye, the public itself is in danger. A dark creature is at bay, stealing motivation and aspirations, forcing innocents into the unthinkable.

Dean and Castiel must fight this dark creature in the future, but will their own issues hold them back from saving the city?

Warning: Contains alcohol consumption and depression. Also minor sexual references (spoiler: basically they have a steamy make out sesh) 

[Destiel AU - Artist/Writer! Cas and Bartender/Alcoholic! Dean]

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kingtooyee kingtooyee a day ago
I have copic marker stains all over my hands because I am really messy with them
jstraumann jstraumann Jan 19
Holy crap that was an amazing first impression for a story that was like wow
Strawberry_Twinkie Strawberry_Twinkie Nov 21, 2016
I bet he's gonna meet dean and be like "that's it... that's the green that I need" I'm trash... I'll go now lol
KaeWinchesterNovak KaeWinchesterNovak Oct 31, 2016
The last fic I read was Be My Eyes and in that one Cas is blind abd Dean's the artist...
Strawberry_Twinkie Strawberry_Twinkie Nov 21, 2016
AHHHH RHIS IS SO GOOD!!!! I love this already ❤️❤️😭😂❤️😭
witchboyway witchboyway Feb 12
*sherlock pops head through door* woman aren't really my area