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Who Knew You Were Such A Slut? (Undertale Lemons)

Who Knew You Were Such A Slut? (Undertale Lemons)

40.3K Reads 555 Votes 8 Part Story
LazyLemons By LazyLemons Completed

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This is actually the best fanfiction I've read besides 'Innocence', tentacle tounges and dicks surprised to out of me though
*squints eyes in suspicion*
                              Something smells fishy, and for once it's not Undyne
Oh sh!t get the romantic music going *music plays* okay much better
gpop99 gpop99 Feb 21
Hahahaha... haha... haha... heheheh... heh... hehahehaheheathehaheha
UTMuffin13 UTMuffin13 Mar 05
I Don't Know About You But I Love Kecthup As A Kid I Used To Eat Packets Of It XD
When you said shuffled I thought of what cartoons do when everybody is trying to get close to each other. So they move their feet really fast, but they only go like an inch