Amber: Read My Lips (F&L Story #5)

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Heather McGhee By hmmcghee Completed
A spunky, Deaf girl meets a sexy, heartbroken cowboy...Story # 5 in the Friends and Lovers Series by hmmcghee.  (Restricted version available through the author's profile page and by fanning hmmcghee.)
Hey can I ask you about the hip bag?  I'm trying to find something I can wear more around my waist/hips but nothing like a fanny pac.  I've been having some trouble with carrying stuff on my shoulders.  Would you have a link to it or something?
Quick question
                                    Do i have to read all the books in this (series) to understand this one??
are u gonna write lucy and brian's story too..?? I would love to read if you plan on writing it..!! :-)
Okay so  I'm pretty sure that this is my first time commenting on this series and i just wanted to say that you are one of my all time favorite Wattwriters.
As usual im hooked on another of your stories. 6th one so far and i already cant wait to see how this one plays out. with the way linc feels about maci i cant see amber having a prayer, but she's so sweet that i also cant see linc resisting her please read my story and tell me if i should carry on or not thanks btw loveee this book seriously :D