A Future to Call Our Own

A Future to Call Our Own

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	I am Hajime Hinata.  I am Izuru Kamukura.  I was the cause for all my friend's comatose's.  I uploaded the virus.  Chiaki is gone because of me.  Junko Enoshima could have escaped because of me.  I am about to lose the person I care about the most.
	I am the cause to all of this.  I am the cause to all of this.  I am the cause to all of tH5A.  I -m --T cUAJS -OR ------ KOM4aD9A i4S ---- D;-YI@NG ---AHMS - I a7M tH9! cA_UjSE f8@OR-- D--ES--PAI---R--
. . .

All artwork shown in this story is made by CynChan, one of my friends who has made art exclusively for this fanfiction.  A big thanks to her!

This fanfiction will be based off the pairing of KomaedaxHajime, or KomaHina.  If you do not like that pairing, then please do not read.
There IS spoilers in this fanfiction.  They include spoilers from DR1, DR2, and DRAE.
This fanfiction WILL have NSFW parts.
If you do not want to read them, I have put this warning for you to skip, as with warnings when they will happen before you scroll down to see it.
There's three in total.
And, if any of you are wondering why this is complete already, I already had this written on my GoogleDocs a while ago. xD Some of my friends can vouch for me on that, as they were the ones to pressure me into uploading it on here.
So, without further ado, enjoy!!

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I revived my dead account for this. 100% sure it's worth it tho
ALivinTater ALivinTater Jun 29
lEnKu YAY. 
                              (YouTube would never be Danganronpa without your amazing videos)
I AM CRYING. No, not because of Komaeda because I just remembered why Chiaki died... At least she didn't die in vain
animationInspiration animationInspiration Aug 15, 2016
I am the cause for all of this I am the cause for all of this Komaeda is dying I am the cause for all of this I am the cause for despair. 
                              I think that's what it says....
florixide florixide Jan 11
I need new ships to enjoy, never really enjoyed KomaHina, just trying this book out to see if it can turn me into a shipper