loner 💫 the dolan twins

loner 💫 the dolan twins

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🖤 By Graysonic Updated Sep 03

"Woah, who are they?"

"Some people who'll never like us."



xixKenzxix xixKenzxix Aug 02
I literally have anxiety for this girl for her first day lmao
dolangels dolangels Jul 04
You learn to give up on hair when you have zero hour. But I mean if I do decide to curl my hair, I heat up my shower water and wash my hair! Who knew water was so magical!! (Sorry I'm really sarcastic)
Datdolandoe Datdolandoe May 06
Yeah but when YOU'RE the one sleeping ur mom be having a freaking concert and shiz
How do people have this much time before school!? Like, I'm over here waking up almost 2 hours before school and I still look like a freaking potato 😂