Parters in Crime (Bill Cipher X Reader)

Parters in Crime (Bill Cipher X Reader)

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Trashy Pasta By Quuentong Completed

This is my first fanfic and I'm really excited about writing it so I hope it's not complete trash. Now there's one thing you should know about this story. I don't want it to be like other Gravity Falls inserts. I've read a lot of them and they all seem to have generally the same plot. So I hope you're not disappointed! Anyway~

(Y/N) recently moved to Gravity Falls. Well moved, on the run from the cops... Same thing right? She might have done some bad things, but whatever. A couple days into her stay she met a blonde man outside of the Mystery Shack, where she had decided to work. Who knew that the four simple words "Wanna make a deal?" could change her life for bad or good?


ooo let's see bands:Panic! At the disco, tøp Shows:Gravity falls,Steven universe Anime:Black butler,Your lie in April,High school fleet ,ouran highschool host club,aikatsu stars,And assassintion classroom
Set it off,undertale,creepypasta  (A.K.A) Jeff the killer senpai
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Here we go. Start of another fanfic and it's almost midnight, this is gonna take awhile xD
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You'll never take us alive!
                              We swore that death do us part
                              They'll call our crimes a work of art!
                              You'll never take us alive!
                              We'll live like spoiled royalty
                              Lovers and partners,
                              Partners in Crime!
Mean it's a triangle since those are its side and does that me.....(Wait for it)........
                              *jurassic park song*
                              Sh*t wrong music
                              *illuminati song* There ya go
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ANIME, MCR, Ghost Town, tons of Sebastian Body Pillows, Gravity Falls Poster, and etc