Revengeful Love

Revengeful Love

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He grabbed my wrists and kept me against the locker.
"You're mine Sky."
He said huskily holding my wrists, his brown eyes locked on me. 
"What does that mean?!"
I exclaimed squirming. 
"It means that to pay your debt for that little glitter trick you belong to me. Meaning you're my girlfriend. Or else."
He replied threateningly. Bastard. 

Sky Quincy is a normal teenager. Smart, beautiful, insecure, stubborn and a bit hot headed. 

Evan Deslin is the school player. Sexy, manipulating, devishly handsome, and a quarterback. 

Sky wants nothing to do with Evan. But Evan wants her to make another girl jealous without Sky knowing. 

To pay her debt for her little glitter trick Sky has to date Evan. Sky's getting it over with, but Evan's got a plan thats gonna make it worth while. 

But they began to like each other...

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