Something She Was  ✓

Something She Was ✓

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Even if Amelia Jameson is seemingly immune to the idea of love, she's not immune to feelings. And maybe, maybe, someone can make her feel again.

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Wait a second so I haven't read everything you are but basically your saying the main couple in that book are the parents and they're divorced?!!!
                              RIP THAT FANSHIP
                              jokes, that makes me extra excited and that's a pretty interesting (and refreshing) take on a "next generation" story
Ew this book sounds so bad. Cany ou please not make it cliche like any other book on this stupid site i'm yawning already jesus christ
good! i love authors like this, too many of them actually slut shame in their books and it disgusts me
oh wait i don’t even need to google it the meaning is just below the word
deenaaahhh deenaaahhh Nov 08
i’m so excited to read this! amelia and i are of the same age and have similar problems in our lives, i love books where you can connect with a character 💗💓💕💞
This book is describing my parents. They've been fighting all morning