Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas Chapter One Scene One

Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas Chapter One Scene One

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Heather Hiestand By HeatherHiestand Updated Oct 29, 2011

London, December 24, 1892

Linet Fenna shivered in her attic bedroom as she stared out the open window. Downstairs, all was merry and bright with evergreen branches, mistletoe and handmade garlands festooning trees and mantles. Under the eaves here, wind blew through a crack in the undecorated wall and rustled in the chimneys above.

A fever had made the first housemaid take to bed just after breakfast and Linet, the second housemaid, had been run ragged all day by her demanding mistress and her ever-arriving family. Now, finally done with work, she just wanted to stare at the stars and dream.

"Close the window," Ann-Marie said, coughing from her iron bedstead in the darkest corner of the room.

"In a minute." Linet took one last breath of chilly air and had her hand on the sill when she heard a metallic chugging in the distance. The sound came from outside, and wasn't likely to be Father Christmas.

The automen who secured England for Prime Minister Gladstone had yet to master the sk...

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HeatherHiestand HeatherHiestand Oct 29, 2011
Just posted the second part of Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas on Wattpad!
CathyL0v3 CathyL0v3 Oct 27, 2011
                              I like it (: It's well written, interesting, and captivating. 
                              Keep writing! Post more! ASAP. I INSIST.
HeatherHiestand HeatherHiestand Oct 26, 2011
I just loaded the first scene of steampunk romance "Captain Andrew's Flying Christmas" to Wattpad!