Complaints // malum

Complaints // malum

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"You complain an awful lot for someone that has it all."

"All except one thing," his tongue darts out to wet his lips, his chocolate brown eyes meeting  my own. "You."

  - - - 

In which a rich boy named Calum, seems to only complain, and the only thing he really wants is Michael.


I'm really pissed rn, one does not just treat waffles like that
My mom would let me starve if I talked to her or anyone like that 😂😂
i only have like 4 pairs of shoes i could wear on a normal day
I cant choose between waffles and pancakes...thats like making me choose between muke and malum
How in tf do you install an intercom system throughout your house?!?!?!
Wtffff if you don't eat that damn waffle them Imma eat it for you and leave you starving